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Is Your Card Printer Ribbon Snapping?


If your ribbon snaps Don't Throw it Away!  You can simply tape the ribbon back together and manually wind it up on the spool!  Now that the ribbon is repaired, why did it break? 

Below are some tips for how you can prevent it!

Your Printer Might Need to be cleaned!

  • Card printers can do some strange things if dust and dirt have entered inside.  Clean your printer with the recommended manufactures cleaning kit to ensure fewer ribbon breaks.

You may need to Calibrate your Ribbon Sensor!

  • Card printers have a sensor inside that ensures the proper panels are getting printed.  Follow your printers instruction manual for proper calibration procedures.

Too much heat!

  • If you are trying to print a full colour background especially if it is a darker colour then you may experience ribbon breaking.  The same is true if you are trying to print edge to edge on your cards.  Take a look at the colour intensity settings on your printer and you may need to lower them to reduce the heat.  Give us a call anytime if you need help getting the correct settings.  1-888-940-3645

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  • Aaron Ritter
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