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Need your Access Cards to last Longer?

Having to re-issue a photo ID badge to your staff because it stopped working or wore out can be expensive.  Creating your Employee Photo ID Card has costs that can be substantial, especially if you are using Proximity or Smart Cards.  Below are some Low Cost Badge Accessories that you can consider to prolong the life of your badge and keep them working!
Hard Plastic Badge Holders
  • These are recommended if you use Proximity or Smart Cards as they prevent your cards from bending.  It doesn't take much of a bend to break an antenna or wire inside your card.  You can choose from open faced holders, badge holders that hold more than one card, or fully enclosed badge holders to protect surface from wear and tear.Badge Accessories

Cold Seal Laminates

  • If you are having issues with the surface of your card wearing off then you may want to apply a Cold Seal Laminate to your card.  These are easy to apply and are a Low Cost solution!
Cold Seal Laminate

    Use a More Durable Card

    • ID cards are manufactured using two common materials, PVC and Composite PVC.  What’s the difference?  PVC cards are made with 100% PVC, while composite cards are typically a combination of PVC and Polyester. For example, a composite ID card may contain about 70% PVC and 30% Polyester. Composite Cards are a little more expensive but can be used in any card printer.  Some printers such as Re-transfer printers specify that Composite cards should be used as it is less likely to warp in the printer.  If you are using access cards then you should be able to get them in a composite construction as well!  Composite cards are usually 10% more cost than PVC but usually pay for themselves in longer life.
    PVC Composite Cards

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