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Still using Paper Visitor Log Books?


Still using Paper Visitor Log Books?

If you are still using a paper-based Visitor Log book to register your Visitors and Contractors, then you may want to consider Electronic Visitor Management.  Here are a few reasons companies are losing the pen and paper!
Emergency Preparedness:
  • If you look at your current paper log book you will notice that most of the writing is illegible or information is missing... Not good if you are standing at your Evacuation Post trying to account for everyone.  Consider a Cloud Based Visitor Management System with an Emergency Evacuation App as it will provide Fast and Accurate Data in Real Time on your Visitors/Contractors whereabouts.

WhosOnLocation Visitor Management Evacuation Application


  • Your current paper log book is most likely visible to everyone that signs in.  This is not proper if you are interviewing for an open job position, or if you have competitive vendors onsite presenting for your business.  Consider a Visitor Management System that utilizes low cost tablet-based kiosks to provide a Secure, Private and Professional experience.

Visitor Management Kiosk Privacy



  • Looking through stacks of old visitor books to try to find out who was onsite April 15th of last year might be a daunting task!  Most Electronic Visitor Management Systems offer full reporting which can be helpful if the data is required!  
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WhosOnLocation Secure Visitor Management Solution

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