Carmen, First let me Thank You Very Much for the Great Customer Service you provided to us in our time of need. And as well to everyone at your office for putting up with my never ending phone calls for help. I wish every company I deal with would offer the Great Customer Service you folks at Groove do.From all of us at L3Harris Security, Thank You!

– Bryan Hrapchak, Security Operations Specialist, Wescam

"Erin, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your assistance this past week. You are so quick, professional, and honestly, such a pleasure to work with. You have been so patient will all my emails and requests. I wish everyone I dealt with on a daily basis was like you! I was speaking with David Roberto earlier (who you used to deal with) about how wonderful you guys are and he has nothing but good things to say as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

– Bonnie Chow, Event Logistics Coordinator The International Centre

"Joe, Scott from Groove Identification Solutions did arrive onsite to retrieve their loaner printer; thus, returning our serviced unit. Please note that this printer is operational and installed in our Loss Prevention TL Office. As such, I just want to thank Groove Identification Solutions for their impressive response and support throughout in this matter

Again, thanking everyone involved in achieving this positive resolution. Have a great day!"

– Ryan, IT Group

"Hi Linda, Your company is amazing! Thank you. Have a wonderful, sunny weekend!"

– Gail, Conestoga

"Hi Erin and Carmen, Badges came today. Looks fantastic! Thanks very much."

– Nicholas

"Hey Carmen, That is awesome! I love dealing with you and Groove, the service is always amazing!"


"Carmen, Thank you again for your assistance yesterday; the printer is back 100% full capacity and it's been getting a good workout today! We use this printer and software for our firefighter accountability system and it makes a big difference for their safety. Your assistance is greatly appreciated in helping me get this back on line."


"I find that many people in today's society have lost the knack of courtesy/thankfulness. (Few people hold the door for the person behind them and/or people don't say thank you to the person holding the door open.) It's a "me" society in my opinion. (Why should I hold the door for someone as long as I get in first, everyone else is just in the way.) Because of this, I make a point to hold doors open for people, help people, and just as importantly to say thank you when someone does something for me. Maybe I can by my actions show others that it only takes a few seconds to make someone else's day. You did that for me by checking the order I placed online and adjusted it. You could have just as easily left the order the way I had created it, I may not have gotten exactly that, but you could've said "that's not my problem." You took the extra step, adjusted my order for me, called me to let me know and emailed me to boot. That is great customers service in my books so it deserves a Thank You."

– Judy Vander Heide, Network Administrator, Steeves & Rozema Enterprises Ltd.