GrooveProx GE CASI Compatible (C10106 40bit) Wristbands

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GrooveProx GE CASI Compatible (C10106 40bit) Wristbands

The GrooveProx Wristband provides the convenience of proximity technology on your wrist!

The Wristband Proximity Credential combines industry-leading proximity technology with outstanding practicality. GrooveProx wristband can be used for a variety of secure access control applications such as sporting venues, hospitality and tourism, cashless vending, public transportation, medical facilities, and much more. These credentials are usable in harsh environments and are water-proof.

Sizes: (You can mix sizes! Minimum order 100 units)

  • 55mm / 2.16in diameter
  • 60mm / 2.36in diameter

GrooveProx is available for many Proprietary Formats. Please call us to review your Format, Facility Code and Numbering Range 1-888-940-3645

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