Cantonk Thermal Network Camera with Black Body

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The Cantonk S50037 Thermal Imaging Network Camera is a new thermal imaging camera that integrates network remote monitoring functions, face recognition algorithms, video server functions and high-definition camera functions. It supports visible light and thermal imaging dual video output, human body temperature measurement, face recognition capture and other functions.

The Cantonk S5003T Thermal Imaging Camera works alongside the Cantonk BK02 Black Body for a more reliable Thermal Imaging Scan.

Key Benefits:

  • Contactless Remote Viewing
  • +-0.5 Degrees Celsius Temperature Error Range. +-0.3 Degrees Celsius Temperature Error Range with Black Body.
  • 30 Faces can be detected at once
  • Multi Person Temperature Measurements up to 2-3 Metres away.
  • Temperature Anomaly Alarm
  • Tripods and Ethernet Cables not included.


SKU: S5003T-BK02

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