Orange 3/8" (10 mm) Breakaway Lanyard with Wide Plastic Hook

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Orange 3/8" polypropylene flat-braid woven lanyard, slim design. Narrow, twist-free plastic hook end fitting is good for customers looking for something sleek. Includes a breakaway. 36" in length. Perfect as a simple ID card-carrying solution. Special Warning for Breakaway Lanyards

Breakaway performance will vary and lanyards will not break away under all conditions. The male/female part pull force specification for round breakaways is 3-11 lbs under tested conditions per M-3-QA-0167. The male/female part pull force specification for flat breakaways is 4-10 lbs under test conditions per M-3-QA-0167. A full description of the M-3-QA-0167 test procedure can be provided upon request. Not recommend for use around moving objects or playgrounds.

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