Vertical "MEDICAL ASSISTANT" Badge Buddies Red (2 1/8" X4 1/2")

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Your medical assistants interact with patients as much as anyone on your staff, if not more so. This makes it key to identify your medical assistants, so patients know the role of the person providing care. After all, a patient may not be comfortable disclosing his or her medical history to someone he or she can't identify.

Badge Buddies are durable role-recognition cards that show the wearer's title in bold, sharp text. Surrounded by a colour bar, this text allows a patient or visitor to quickly identify their caregiver's job title, lessening anxiety and confusion.

This Badge Buddy features a red colour bar and white "MEDICAL ASSISTANT" text. It's slotted for easy attachment using a badge reel, lanyard or strap clip, and combines with an existing ID credential to become a powerful healthcare ID solution.

Badge Buddies attach to an existing ID badge or card with a strap clip or lanyard: simply place the ID badge on top of the Badge Buddy and slide the strap clip or lanyard through the slot to create a full solution. This Badge Buddy is intended for use with vertical ID cards.

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