Vertical "PARAMEDIC" Badge Buddies, Red (2 1/8" X4 1/2”)

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When a paramedic is called to a scene, he or she is often entering a situation filled with confusion and fear. If someone is injured or ill and a paramedic arrives, the last thing he or she needs is to be confused as to who is trying to help them.

Badge Buddies are Synthetic Paper role-recognition cards that feature a colour bar and the wearer's title in bold, clear text. These Badge Buddies feature a red colour bar and white "PARAMEDIC" text, making it easy for anyone to see that the wearer is a paramedic with nothing more than a quick glance.

Badge Buddies attach to an existing ID badge or card with a strap clip or lanyard: simply place the ID badge on top of the Badge Buddy and slide the strap clip or lanyard through the slot to create a full solution. This Badge Buddy is intended for use with vertical ID cards.

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